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MEA ECO-System Workshop 2019

Discover and create new EA knowledge together with us. Become an EA pioneer!


Maybe you are an MEA Alumnus or maybe you're here, because you're a part of the MEA eco-system and you want to contribute to creating new insights and knowledge related to EA. Either way, you are here because we reached out to you in order to help us create new and innovative insights in the field of EA.

MEA Alumni event

At our last MEA alumni event, we got to work. We divided the group into several smaller groups and asked them to come up with 2 topics/questions that would be worth thinking about, trying to come up with a practical approach. 10 Ideas were written down and then we took a vote.

Next steps

This is where you come in. We want to tackle a first topic/question and get some people together to brainstorm about this topic and work towards a solution/method/idea which can be used in a real-life situation. Why? We want to use the outcome and give new insights back to the MEA alumni network/eco-system, because we believe there's a lot of knowledge and wisdom to pass around.


We want to create a group of about 7 people:

  • 1 Moderator to steer and structure the workshop

  • 1 Academic to provide additional theoretical insights

  • 5 EA's who have a certain maturity of the concept at their companies

We would come together 3 times for about 4 hours each (January or February, to be decided). Then the outcome would be presented to a jury. If the outcome is of a sufficient level, we would provide the group with a prize (to be decided).

If you are interested in participating and you want to use your knowledge to give back to the community and learn from others yourself, make sure you complete the form below.

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