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  • Jonas Van Riel

INNOCOM and IC institute's HEAT programme is a shining example of dual learning


HEAT case on Kanaal Z

Businesses need to innovate, which is why lifelong learning is necessary. But what is the best way to teach ambitious, highly educated high potentials? One answer is dual learning. As a shining example of the concept, our HEAT programme, organised by INNOCOM’s IC Institute, was featured as part of a series on the subject on Kanaal Z. According to Jonas Van Riel, director of the IC institute, HEAT (Hands-on Enterprise Architecture Training) aims to blur the line between work and learning by combining the two. Not only does the programme lead to a master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture, but it also offers participants several internships at different companies with the goal of learning on the job. By combining theory with practice, HEAT is the embodiment of dual learning. Appearing in the broadcast was Rudi Peeters, CIO of KBC, who attested to being a fan of the HEAT programme and hopes that more companies will take part in it. KBC employees have participated in HEAT and are now fully prepared to build an innovative future for the bank. The four-and-a-half-minute item on Kanaal Z can be viewed here.

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