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Announcing our Agile Architecture MASTERCLASS!

Updated: Apr 10

Our masterclass covers Agile Architecture and will take your competencies to a new level in classes of a few days. Don't wait to prepare yourself to tackle Agile transformation challenges!

Is your company Agile, or is it considering an Agile transformation? Do you perhaps struggle with the role of architecture in an Agile organization? Do you want to learn how to successfully take up the role of Agile Architect in practice?

Then this INNOCOM masterclass is for you! During the masterclass sessions, you will learn the practical handles of Agile Architecture and Agile Architecting and learn how to use them via hands-on exercises.

What exactly is this masterclass about?

Many organizations are moving away from traditional (waterfall) approaches to a more agile way of working. No more documentation, no more processes, no more reporting, no more long-term thinking and strategies, no more architecture… sounds like the new credo in some of these companies. Yet, typically, these companies seem to fail in their agile transformation systematically.

Why is that? Agility is not the synonym of unmanaged! On the contrary, it needs solid and aligned leadership from the top and requires new skills, behaviors, and mindsets across the organization. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of agile transformations on the role of the enterprise architect and how the EA discipline can still drive the strategy in Agile organizations.

First, you need to get organized as an EA team within the Agile organization; you need to know how the architecture ceremonies fit into the existing Agile ceremonies to create the optimal collaboration with the other teams. Is there a way to develop architectures in a lean-agile way, or is it typically an activity that needs to be done upfront?

In the INNOCOM Agile Architecture masterclass, you will learn to build and document your architecture just enough. In addition, you will also learn how to develop and manage the architecture roadmap with integrated quality and security in an agile context.

One of this program’s unique characteristics is that INNOCOM will demonstrate its unique framework and approach to Agile Architecture based on many best practices and, most of all, many years of practical experience. You will learn to apply Agile Architecture in practical exercises. As a result, you will be ready and able to make a difference in your company.

And of course, as of day 1 you will be part of a community that you can address and support you in your challenges.

  • The goal of this unique, interactive master class is to provide a highly engaging, proven educational program for current and aspiring IT and business architects who want to have impact in companies applying agile methods and practices.

  • It will result in a visible impact in your company and in your career.

Target Audience?

Enterprise architects, IT analysts, IT architects, IT managers, CIOs, business analysts, solution architects, business architects, service architects, Agile program & project managers.


25-26 & 27 April 2022 (FULL)

08-09 & 10 June 2022


€3000 excl. VAT for 3 days

So if you feel that you're up for the challenge:

or if you want to get more information about our Masterclass in Agile Architecture :

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