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Masterclass: Agile architecture

What is this masterclass about?

Many organizations are moving away from traditional (waterfall) approaches to a more agile way of working. No more documentation, no more processes, no more reporting, no more long-term thinking and strategies, no more architecture… sounds like the new credo in some of these companies. Yet, typically, these companies seem to fail in their agile transformation systematically.

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Why is that? Agility is not the synonym of unmanaged! On the contrary, it needs solid and aligned leadership from the top and requires new skills, behaviors, and mindsets across the organization. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of agile transformations on the role of the enterprise architect and how the EA discipline can still drive the strategy in agile organizations.

First, you need to get organized as an EA team within the agile organization; you need to know how the architecture ceremonies fit into the existing agile ceremonies to create the optimal collaboration with the other teams. Is there a way to develop architectures in a lean-agile way, or is it typically an activity that needs to be done upfront?


In the INNOCOM agile architecture masterclass, you will learn to build and document your architecture just enough. In addition, you will also learn how to develop and manage the architecture roadmap with integrated quality and security in an agile context.

One of this program’s unique characteristics is that INNOCOM will demonstrate its unique framework and approach to agile architecture based on many best practices and, most of all, many years of practical experience. You will learn to apply agile architecture in practical exercises.  As a result, you will be ready and able to make a difference in your company.

Target Audience?

Enterprise architects, IT analysts, IT architects, IT managers, CIOs, business analysts, solution architects, business architects, service architects, Agile program & project managers.


14-15 & 16 December 2021


€3000 excl. VAT for 3 days

Masterclass: AI for decision-makers

What is this masterclass about?

The ability of organizations to translate a business challenge into a technological solution dictates the successful adoption of AI in Flanders. Therefore, one element is vital: always take the business’ strategic needs and opportunities as a base to draw up a fitting and concrete AI project while including a clear-cut business case.


To make this a reality, organizations need support on multiple levels. This training course will eventually focus on two crucial target audiences in the successful adoption of AI. For each of these audiences, we’re developing a designated module. These modules will complement each other and transfer essential knowledge and skills to make an AI transformation happen.

The first target group for which a masterclass has been created is C-level managers who are in charge of deciding whether an organization needs to take AI into account or not. The second group comprises middle management and advocates of change who will drive AI adoption and the resulting digital transformation.

One of this program’s unique characteristics is that it flips the standard training trajectory upside down. The traditional approach would take specific AI technologies as a starting point and then looks at where it might fit in with the business. Typically, this way of working is marked by questions such as “We have lots of data, now what can we do with it?” or “What can we do with [insert any AI technology]?”. Unfortunately, this angle often makes it challenging to construct a compelling business case and becomes a hindrance to AI adoption.


This is why we switch it around and always start from the corporate strategy. Next, we identify suitable business opportunities and needs where AI can be of added value. By guaranteeing alignment with overarching business goals, the chances of adoption and success are maximized.

Target Audience?

C-level managers who are in charge of deciding whether an organization needs to take AI into account or not.


Q1 2022


€1500 excl. VAT for 2 days

Masterclass: Lean Digital Strategy
& Transformation

What is this masterclass about?

Help, we miss the boat!  Is your company struggling to get results from your digital transformation? 80% of digital transformations fail to deliver. There are many reasons: stuck with legacy systems,  bottlenecks in design or delivery processes, complex decision-making, siloed organization


In these compact masterclasses, you learn how to get concrete results from transforming the design phase to streamlining IT delivery in weeks, not months.

The Masterclasses will explain how your team can design and deliver customer-centric digital solutions iteratively by connecting the dots between User-Centric Design, Agile delivery, Architecture, and IT Solutioning.

INNOCOM’s unique Lean digital transformation implementation methodology is explained in 3 practical hands-on online sessions:

  • Session 1: Moving efficiently from the digital strategy to define concrete use-cases that result in a positive customer experience.  You learn about new Business Models and how to apply these.

  • Session 2:  Creating a Customer Journey.  We assess possible internal organizational and technical hurdles and cover​ how to consider such constraints as early as possible in the Customer Journey design.

  • Session 3: walk-through of a typical 'Lean Digital Strategy & Transformation' project. You will understand the typical outcomes to expect. We explain how to shape the delivery roadmap and divide delivery in phases.

Target Audience?

This training course is for product managers, business architects, heads of change delivery, innovation leads, enterprise architects, and all other roles in your company that are crucial in successful strategy execution.


Q1 2022


€750 for 3 sessions (1 day)


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