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Hands-on Enterprise Architecture Training (HEAT)


In a nutshell...

Ever had a dream where you were in a room with a CEO, discussing why their strategy isn't working? Are you driven, eager to learn, in love with complex problems and never afraid to face a challenge? Maybe you never realised it, but you might just be perfectly fit to become an Enterprise Architect.

Being an Enterprise Architect is all about bringing different complex worlds within a company together into one structured plan. Why? To realise a strategy, to help companies achieve their dreams and to make sure every euro spent, is spent well. But Enterprise Architects are not born, they are shaped through experience, the right courses and a lot of hard work.


Welcome to the HEAT programme!

HEAT CASE (In Dutch)

Read all about HEAT, written by IC Institute and Syntra Vlaanderen!

What makes our HEAT programme special?

Practical Information

Enterprise Architects structure different complex realities within an organisation. The profession requires a solid knowledge base, relevant experience and excellent social skills.

Our HEAT programme brings all 3 of these areas together in 1 solid programme, where HEAT stands for Hands-on Enterprise Architecture Training.

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Location MEA & LEA institute
Heiststeenweg 131, Beerzel Belgium

We prepare you for the challenges you'll face on this journey

Learn the walk

As the first pillar of the HEAT programme, the Master of science in Enterprise Architecture (MEA) course addresses the need for a solid knowledge base.  

Learn the Talk

Being an Enterprise Architect also involves leading your team and organisation to higher grounds, by talking to  and walking with executives, such as CIOs and CEOs who put their trust in Enterprise Architects to guide them through the digital revolution. To enable HEAT participants to talk the talk and walk the walk, peerless social skills are offered by the third pillar of the programme, which is called the LEA.  

And go for glory

Alongside the academic MEA programme and the soft-skill LEA programme, HEAT participants will be immersed in the business reality acquiring relevant experience during multiple real-life internship missions at different participating partner companies. As badges of honour can only be earned out in the field, HEAT participants will learn the trade during these internships.  

Format & duration

26 months to completion


17 course weekends
3 internships
4 full days of soft skills training

Official Master's degree

Master of Science (MSc)' Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture and Certification: Training by


English (MEA & LEA)
Customer's language (internships)

Location Internships

Depending on customer location

Don't just take our word for it...

KBC has been enrolling employees in the regular Master’s programme in Enterprise Architecture at IC Institute for quite some years now. Besides a thorough grounding in the theory of EA and practical cases, there is a strong focus on soft skills such as communication and leadership.

Rudi Peeters, CIO of KBC, is convinced that the internships included in the HEAT programme will offer added value. How about you?

RSC Anderlecht and HEAT: world class

Wouter D’Hondt, one of the youngest Enterprise Architects at, is today steering the football club RSC Anderlecht towards better fan engagement via an project.


Wouter, who graduated in 2014, is a great supporter of the unique learning opportunities that HEAT offers. Wouter is one of our youngest architects, yet he is fully in charge of this major project.


Master in EA (MEA)

The Institute Master of science in Enterprise Architecture is an accredited programme that has been run since 2009. As a graduate, HEAT participants will receive an official master’s degree. Consequently, they will be able to bear the international ‘Master of Science (MSc)’ title.  

As the only private company that is officially recognised by the government as an institute for higher education, institute is unique in Europe. Its Master of science in Enterprise Architecture programme is accredited by the NVAO. This underpins’s leading position in the field of Enterprise Architecture.  

Leading in EA (LEA)

Next to an abundance of hard skills Enterprise Architects require unrivalled soft skills to be successful. The ‘Leading in Enterprise Architecture’ programme is a unique, very intense, hands-on soft skills training course especially designed for the role of Enterprise Architect.


This training includes the development of personal leadership skills, influencing and persuading stakeholders, giving and receiving feedback, and group negotiation.

The LEA is an in-depth crash course in how to become a Trusted Advisor. Participants will be challenged by a seasoned trainer to step out of their comfort zone during various roleplays. Practising in a ‘safe’ environment will accelerate the participants learning process and provide a great advantage over simply gaining experience from discussions with the CIO.  

Internship programme

HEAT participants will apply their academic insights in practice during their internship missions at participating partners. The 18-month training programme consists of three 6-month internships, giving participants the opportunity to discover different corporate cultures. The participant’s training will be facilitated and accelerated by a Senior Enterprise Architect from who will provide personal on-the-job coaching. This coach will be the participant’s guide and soundboard, offering an abundance of professional Enterprise Architect experience to the participant, answering practical questions like: ‘What do you think of these options, with their pros and cons?’ ‘How can I get this proposition accepted in this organisation?’  

Practical Information


The HEAT programme primarily targets professionals with 3 to 5 years of ICT experience, with a proven track record of successful growth as an application or solution architect or Business Analysts/Architects with a strong affinity for IT, wishing to take the next step.

Ask yourself this: What gives you energy? Would you describe yourself as enthusiastic and good at transferring that enthusiasm towards others? Do you wake up in the morning, believing that the sky is not the limit, but that the limit lies far beyond what we can see? In that case, you are the candidate we are looking for. 

Timing & Flexibility

The program takes a minimum of 26 months to complete. A certain degree of flexibility is possible when following the MEA. This means that course modules can be spread over multiple academic years. The timing of the internships and the LEA are fixed.  

Certification & degree

After the successful completion of the full programme, the participant receives a certificate for the Enterprise Architect training by the Institute, together the degree of ‘Master of science in Enterprise Architecture’. 


Rules of engagement

HEAT participants will be on the payroll of or your employer. At the end of the programme participants can choose to work for one of the partners of the programme, i.e. or another participating partner. This will require the participant to follow the partner’s selection process. 

If participants choose to join the Hands-on Enterprise Architecture Trajectory, they commit to a 3-year employment in the partner company after completion of the training programme.

MEA & LEA training will be given at the IC institute. This journey will also take you to different internship locations, but those depend naturally of the location of the customer.