Masterclass 'Design2Deliver'
How to realize effective innovation delivery despite organizational complexity

Digital transformation nowadays means continuously adapting in a well-organized way to a constantly changing environment by leveraging technology.

Business leaders agree that they have to embrace the possibilities of new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant. 

From a technological point of view, almost anything is possible nowadays. That’s why organizations need to focus on customers’ needs to prioritize and invest their resources to create the most customer and business value. 

In this masterclass, you will learn how you can implement effective digital innovations despite organizational complexity or market uncertainty.
We will guide you through the different stages of digital transformation, starting from the design phase all the way to streamlining IT delivery – in the context of a project. 

Online and on-site editions

1. INNOCOM Institute
Heiststeenweg 131, Beerzel Belgium or in-company


Format & duration

2 days

Prices (YEAR 2021-2022)

€ 2000 excl. VAT

KMO portefeuille available



What you'll learn

  • How to deliver a new digital customer experience (an app or a new digital service)

  • How to translate the digital strategy into (a) concrete project(s)

  • How to design your new Customer Experience, using Customer Journey mapping techniques

  • How to deliver that Customer Experience in a fast, predictable way, in your current organization

  • How to evolve this Customer Experience towards its envisioned or preferred, future state by leveraging your architectural capabilities

  • Actively: in these interactive workshops you will learn how to do this yourself

  • How to involve (others) experts in these projects

What's in it for me?

  • Hands-on, practical methodology to use in digital Customer Experience projects

  • Learn to do this inside your existing organization

  • I can organize efficient collaboration between experts

  • Useful for your current employer, as well as your own ideas

  • Experience in Design Sprints, Agile, Customer Journey mapping techniques, …

Target audience

Product Managers, Business Architects, Heads of Change Delivery, Innovation Leads, Enterprise Architects.


Enroll today

  • Free yourself today from the obstacles that currently prevent you from delivering your digital strategy

  • Invest two days in yourself and help your organization at the same time

  • This masterclass will allow you to get the results you struggle with today

Next edition(s)?

- 22 & 23 November 2022,  on site in Beerzel

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