'Artificial Intelligence for decision makers'

What is this masterclass about?

In one sentence: how to create a sustainable competitive advantage with Artificial Intelligence?

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Over the last few decades, we’ve seen the rise and fall of different Artificial Intelligence initiatives and showcases. Each time, the advances in AI have been hyped to extreme heights only then to underdeliver. 

After the “Deep Learning revolution” of 2012, there seems to be an almost universal consensus that AI will have a large impact on businesses and society as a whole. The recent rise of the “large language models” such as Open AI’s GPT-3 and Google’s LaMDA even inspires some to claim that “Artificial General Intelligence” (AI systems that have cognitive abilities comparable to those of humans) is just beyond the horizon...

Artificial Intelligence demystified

Despite the claims and the considerable hype surrounding AI, surprisingly few businesses are truly leveraging AI to create sustainable competitive advantages.

This master class will focus on the number one challenge for your organization today: how to look beyond the hype while figuring out how to build a sustainable AI capability driven by your business strategy.

Online and on-site editions

1. INNOCOM Institute
Heiststeenweg 131, Beerzel Belgium or in-company


Format & duration

2 days

Prices (YEAR 2022-2023)

€ 2000 excl. VAT

KMO portefeuille available



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Course content

The course will help you to understand the impact of AI technologies (such as machine learning , robotics & natural language processing) on your business strategy and architecture, as well as the economic and societal issues they raise.


We will tackle key topics such as the value of data and what it really takes to get started, the different organizational roles and profiles typically required and the best practices on how to calculate the business value and feasibility score of an AI use case . Last but not least, we will take a closer look at the importance of ethics and the possible introduction of bias in your data.

What you'll learn

  • What Artificial Intelligence is, with a focus on the organizational and managerial implications of these new technologies, rather than on their technical aspects.

  • Common misconceptions surrounding AI which will equip and encourage you to embrace AI as part of your organization’s transformative toolkit.

  • The knowledge and confidence you need to pioneer the successful integration of AI in your business  and how to build a sustainable competitive advantage through AI.

  • How to set up a solid strategic framework for enabling successful AI initiatives in your organization.

Target audience

This program is designed to prepare those with strategic decision-making responsibilities – such as aspiring managers, current managers, and high-level executives and those that are influencers on strategic decision making such as enterprise architects and business architects. Whether you are a business executive driving innovation, new product development and market differentiation or a data scientist looking to understand business applications when developing AI programs, this program will benefit your work.

Next edition(s)?

- 29-30 September 2022, (13u-20u) including dinner & networking opportunities (FULL)

- Begin December 2022, (13u-20u) including dinner & networking opportunities: TBD

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